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This is where I will put WWF pictures.

William Regal
What I say about William Regal. His real name is Darrin Matthews and from Blackpool England. He's a talented wrestler. I don't why other people can see it. He's got a different style even if the moves seem the same, you'll never want to besmirch him. He has these cool terms that some people do not understand. He is a 4 time european champion until he lost it to Jeff hardy.
Razor Ramon
his real name is Scott hall.
Nicknames: Last call, Coyote, Diamond Studd, Razor Ramon,Bad guy
member of nWo. He's now in NWATNA
won IC title 4 times
beat shawn micheals for IC title
beat Diseal
He's a rebel. Rules mean nothing to him. He tells everyone else what to do. He may not have a good attitude, but he comes to wrestler. In WCW, he was managed by DDP. Then he left for wWF. With Triple H, X-pac, Shawn Micheals, Kevin Nash and himself, they were the Kliq.
His Razor Ramon character is a guy with gold around his neck and hand. Even in the ring, he wore his wedding ring. He has a toothpick which he flicks at his opponent. He does what he want. He was defeated by 1-2-3 kid twice but got him in a crybaby match. 1-2-3 kid had Ted Biase. Razor Ramon claimed to be the best in ladder matches. He was the bad guy with an sexy accent. His hair was always loose and curly. It looked like it was slick back or grease with a strad of hair sticking out in front of his face.
Full blooded Italians member- Nunzio!

This picture is property of WWE just to let all of you know. I am a big fan of the FBI as of late but Nunzio is one of my favorite crusierweights. He sure is a good wrestler and he's married. He is a very focused wrestler and one day, I wish I could meet him in person.