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These are my favorite characters off all the shows I seen.
This is my favorite part besides in the first photo page, these are my favorite characters. You'll probably see more coming.

Willy Watt from Batman beyond.
This is Willy Watt. I have many favorite characters and you'll see more.
Action man villians: Tempest
In this form, he's templeton Storm but in reality, he becomes Tempest, he shoots lightning bolts(like electricity)
Melanie also known as Ten from Royal flush gang.
Melanie is a girl who is struggling with feelings for Terry and being Ten one of the royal flush gang villians.
Julian Star(Yukito)
This is Julian Star. In japanese, he's Yukito. He's from Cardcaptors. He doesn't know he's Yue and Yue likes it that way. Julian eats alot. You always see him with food and he's very nice with Sakura.
Dark Angel Cast
If you seen Dark Angel, here's a pic of the cast. I got this picture off of There's some cool pics on the site. You'll love it.
Greg Proops!!!!
Greg Proops, what can I say? he amuses me in every way possible. I believe there are greg proops fan out there. I hope to get more picture pages to get ready for my updates.
Willy Watt with the Golem.
This is Willy when he was a geek. He got made fun of so badly, he wanted revenge.

Sorry but this is the end but I will add more later. I promise. Email me at if you want any pictures posted or send comments to.