Pictures of idols and a bunch more.
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This is where I put pictures of what I like and what I see
These are just one of many pictures pages I post pictures and describe them to you web viewers!

in this espoide of Batman beyond, Willy Watt has a crush on Blade who Nelson Nash has his sites on her. I don't know much but later Blade dumps Nelson and Willy hooks up with her. Willy steals a Golem. Then later, Willy gets revenge but he gets some powers when Batman defeated Golem. Batman stops Willy before he kills everyone including Nelson Nash. Willy is not the geek no more. He has muscles now and powers that even surprise me.
Specs is a failed scientist in Dominion tank police.
This is Alan Alda who plays Hawkeye in Mash.
Wizardmon is my favrotie digimon cause he's cute and loyal. He also has a cool firm voice.
Cyber-six is pretty cool.
This picture rocks. I love Egyptain History and she was one of the first queen in Egypt.
Father Mulcahy(William Christopher)
This is a picture of Father Mulcahy which was signed by the actor William Christopher. William christopher is a good actor with style just like Alan alda and the others.