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Here's more pictures
If you like Cybersix, I posted a few pictures here.

Yashimoto Maio and Lucas Amato
I found this shot while I was looking. It's a cybersix comic.
Von Reitcher
Here's a worried look.Von Reitcher: Brandy, I was typing on computer with a worried look!me: Okay, okay! This is Von Reitcher typing on computer who looks very worried.
Cybersix and Lucas
This is from the first espoide.
Yashimoto smiles after meeting Julian, getting saved by Cyber six and getting his sister back.
Yashimoto taking a quick break.
Here he is again
I can't help it if I love this character. Anyway, he is looking or just standing there.
He got saved by Data 7 and he knows his sister and Julian are okay.