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This is a good place to have images, pictures, thumbnails etc......
Place a brief summary of the page of images here?

William Christopher

This is one of my favorite mash characters

This is Lyris and she's not mine but credit it to the person that created this.

Hawkeye and Maraget
Two of the main mash characters in the show.

Vision of Escaflownae
This is Folken Fanel

Owen Burnett
From Gargoyles, this is Owen Burnett. He is really a fay named puck but he wanted to outdo Preston Vogel so he transformed himself into a human watching the Queen with Renard in her himan form. Owen's pretty much an emotionless guy and is cute.

This is Shaia from Gowcaizer.

This is one of my favorite images
This is espoide 24 where we see Willy Watt again.